Europost: Illegal immigrants increased COVID-19 cases in Evros, Mayor Mavridis says 161% increase


A cry of agony and despair from the Mayor of the remote city of Orestiada, which is the stronghold of the defensive line of Greece against Turkey in the Northeastern part of the prefecture of Evros, as COVID-19 explodes in the region.

Mayor Vassilis Mavridis in a message posted on social media, broadcasts SOS [Save Our Sales] three times and explained that in the last week in the Municipality of Orestiada there is an increase of 161% in active COVID-19 cases.


Posted by Vassilis Mavridis on Monday, May 10, 2021

Evros News reported that the area of ​​Orestiada has been dramatically affected by COVID-19, with many residents hospitalised at the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis and several of them in the ICU.

The rapid increase in cases is attributed to the uncontrolled movement of illegal immigrants from Turkey to Greece, which in the area of ​​the Orestiada triangle has now reached frightening proportions for the local populations.

Ο Βασίλης Μαυρίδης ο νέος πρόεδρος της ΠΕΔ-ΑΜΘ
Mayor Vassilis Mavridis.

Many of these desperate people, pushed by the Turkish Secret Services to Greece, are carriers of COVID-19, Europost reported.

Many of the places they gather in until they are transported by traffickers to the big urban centres of Greece have turned into sanitary bombs for all the inhabitants of the area.

For the time being, top government officials are watching the whole situation idle and embarrassed, without seeming willing to react, Europost said.

The local community is in turmoil and the indignation of the inhabitants is growing more and more, as they see the Greek State indifferent to their problem, which is now a matter of survival.

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