Alexandroupolis project leads transformation of East Macedonia-Thrace


The privatization process of the port of Alexandroupolis is underway, while investment interest has been expressed by four financial funds, said CEO of Alexandroupolis Port Authority Konstantinos Chatzikonstantinou at the Delphi Economic Forum VI on Tuesday.

Speaking at a panel titled "East Macedonia-Thrace: Prospects For Development & Growth," he added that the entire process will be completed by the end of 2021.

The CEO said the ultimate aim of this project is to see the Alexandroupolis port become a hub for the trading of goods as far as Helsinki.

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Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace Christos Metios referred to the benefits of current and upcoming public and private investments at the airports of both Kavala and Alexandroupolis.

This is in addition to upgrades in the regional road and railway networks, the latter from Alexandroupolis to Ormenio, near Evros River and the borders with Bulgaria.

In addition, large-scale investments are assuming geothermal works and expanding the natural gas network to other cities.

The aim of this investment project is to create jobs and also improve living conditions for the population, which has high aging and unemployment percentages and face outdated infrastructure, said Mayor of Maroneia-Sapes Konstantinos Charitopoulos.

Gastrade Vice President & Project Director Kostis Sifnaios referred to the floating gas tank investment at Alexandroupolis, which he called a "pioneering idea, as there are only two such floating tanks worldwide."

The investment moved ahead because of the port's position, close to Balkan and SE European countries, facilitating natural gas transport.

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