Energy Minister Skrekas to present climate-neutral economic policy

Environment and Energy Minister Costas Skrekas

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas will present on Tuesday in the Parliament the axes of the strategy of a transition to a climate-neutral economy, which include, among other things, the energy upgrade of 600,000 homes by 2030.

Skrekas will make his presentation at a joint meeting of the Production and Trade Committees, the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, the Special Standing Committee on Environmental Protection and the Special Standing Committee on European Affairs.

A main point of the strategy is the elaboration of a new energy plan, based on the decisions of the European Council that set even more ambitious targets for 2030, in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, to which Greece is called to respond.

A key tool for achieving the goal is the Recovery Fund, as a large part of resources (almost 40 percent) will be directed to actions that support a green recovery.

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