SKY express flights from Athens to Brussels have started

Sky Express greece

The first SKY Express flights from Athens to Brussels took off on May 16 and allowed the fastest growing Greek airline to reach one of the most central airports in Europe.

Flights will take place six days a week with the new Airbus A320neo of SKY express.

The new international destination is another important step for SKY Express and, as stated by Theodoros Krokidas, Chairman of the Board of SKY express:

"The launch of flights to one of the most important European destinations by SKY Express, marks in the best way the ever-increasing dynamics of the company.

"It is a development that upgrades our presence in international markets and we are optimistic that there, as in Larnaca, Cyprus, our footprint in market share will be strong.

"SKY Express' presence in Brussels was a big bet and we can only be proud that [we] will travel to the centre of Europe."

Belgians will have more options to fly to Athens but also to 34 more Greek destinations, through SKY Express.

In the near future, new international destinations will be announced by SKY Express.

The company already serves the largest network in Greece and flies to more than 40 domestic and international destinations.

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