Georgantas: We expect 5.8 million vaccinations by the end of May

George Georgantas Greece to vaccinate all citizens over 60 by May

On Sunday night, Greece will exceed 5 million vaccinations and by the end of May around 5.8 million, said the Deputy Minister of Digital Government, George Georgantas, in speaking to SKAI.

In fact, he added that we are far above planning, emphasising that "the messages are very optimistic, the platform for 40-44 works very satisfactorily and very soon the platforms for the other age groups will open."

"Currently in the country, those who have been fully vaccinated, which is 1.768 million citizens to date, can get the vaccination certificate from or from KEP," he said.

He stressed that vaccination certificates have already been issued for 1 million citizens "with which they can move to any island they wish."

Regarding the digital green certificate, Georgantas confirmed that he will provide information on three different cases: if a person has been vaccinated against the virus, if he has become ill and then has antibodies or if he has a negative test.

As he pointed out, the certificate is expected to be implemented and to help move to the countries of the European Union.

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