Elon Musk gave a Greek name to SpaceX's Mars launch platform

Elon Musk Space X

Elon Musk confirmed that the SpaceX spacecraft that is under construction could be fully operational in 2022.

He also revealed that the name of the floating platform, from which launches will be made, is from ancient Greek - Deimos.

Deimos is expected to be used as a take-off and landing point for the Space X Starship spacecraft, which will be destined for Mars, according to the eccentric billionaire's plans.

Earlier this year, SpaceX bought two offshore oil rigs to be turned into "floating" launch pads for the Starship.

One of them has been named Phobos.

Musk tweeted that the second one is called Deimos, posting a photo of a floating platform with a spaceship, and the facility being prepared for launch.

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