Internet chaos: Guardian, New York Times, Amazon and others down


A major outage on the internet has caused huge problems on the sites of top news media around the world but also on YouTube, Spotify and Twitter.

Top news websites such as the Guardian, the Financial Times and the New York Times have fallen into the middle of a major internet shutdown.

Other UK news networks are experiencing technical problems as users have been having trouble accessing YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Amazon and Paypal since Tuesday morning.

Problems accessing YouTube - Sputnik Greece, 1920, 08.06.2021

The DownDetector page, which identifies websites that have crashed or malfunctioned, has listed many related issues.

“Users have been reporting problems on YouTube since 3:10 AM EDT [07:10 GMT],” Downdetector said on Twitter.

According to Guardian technology editor Alex Hern, the outage may be due to a malfunction of US web-based web content provider Fastly.

Fastly stressed that the problem has been identified and the damage is being repaired gradually.

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