Antonio Banderas to begin filming "The Enforcer" on Monday in Thessaloniki

Antonio Banderas

The scenes for the first shoot of "The Enforcer" (or "Barracuda" as the film was known until last Friday), which will star Antonio Banderas, are currently being set up in eastern Thessaloniki, which will be turned into Miami for the needs of the action film.

According to the script, the film takes place in Florida and is about a former criminal who has to face his own people to save a young girl.

The protagonist, Banderas, is expected to be in Thessaloniki in the coming days as he is scheduled to participate - so far at least - in the first take of the film.

Shooting is on Monday, and Banderas is expected to be there.

According to GRTimes, crews are on foot and working feverishly in order to set up the necessary equipment that will be needed for filming.

For the needs of the shooting, the production company signed a clause with GS IRAKLIS, which has granted its facilities located in Mikra.

“It will be a film that will not show Thessaloniki and Greece but the conditions and infrastructure will become Miami,” Greek production director Dimitris Kampas told EFE of the 20-million-euro project.

Filming will run for five weeks from June 28, while producers are looking for some 1,000 extras. Prospective extras can contact the production team at [email protected]

“All body types, all ages, all backgrounds are needed. So far we are doing well, while the most difficult issue for the time being is the supporting actors of Asian origin! However, we believe that we will eventually be covered there as well,” Kampas said.

According to the Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, this is the first time Thessaloniki will be a film location for such a big production.

“Don’t be surprised if while you’re drinking coffee on Nikis Street, you suddenly see next to you a well-known director and a very famous Hollywood star,” the governor said, in likely reference to Banderas.

The production is worth €20 million.

The producer Robert Van Norden met with Tzitzikostas on Monday, and announced that film crew will be in the area for five weeks, and filming will take place over thirty days.

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