Priest arrested for alleged rape against a minor in Western Greece, disturbing images found on PC

priest minor

A 49-year-old priest, who is accused of raping a minor girl, caused shock in Agrinio in Western Greece.

According to ERT, the priest was arrested following a complaint from a woman who claimed that some years ago the priest had sexually abused her.

Police authorities carried out a surprise search at the home of the 49-year-old priest, where they found pornographic material of minors on his computer.

A case has already been filed and the priest is expected to be taken today to the Prosecutor of Agrinio.

According to Agrinio Press, the priest is very well known in the area and he officiates in villages in the area.

He is said to have played the role of "comforter" of women who faced problems with their relationships, their families, etc.


Local media said that he gained the blind trust of these women, but then he approached their minor children, proceeding with various acts against them.

An investigation was ordered by the Prosecutor's Office after a woman complained she was raped by the priest in 2007 when she was still a minor, and that is when police found photos with pornographic material on the priest's computer.

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