Trichonida: A 42-year-old priest allegedly molested a woman in front of her husband


A sexual assault allegation has been made against a priest a few days ago in a village of Trichonida and could soon lead to charges.

As Agrinio Press revealed, and according to what was submitted to the police in Agrinio, a 42-year-old priest in a village of Trichonida allegedly committed an indecent act
against a woman in the yard of her house in early June.

In fact, the incident is alleged to have taken place in front of the woman's husband, resulting in a verbal incident.

Two days later, the woman filed a complaint with the police.

After the complaint, the priest was called to respond to the allegations.

The relatives of the victim are considering the possibility of taking legal action against him, which in fact has been registered as an incident by the police.

It is not excluded that he be charged.

This comes at a time when the local community is already shocked by a 49-year-old clergyman who is accused of raping a minor and possessing child pornography.

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