Government seeks Church 'blessing' in vaccination fight against pandemic


Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Stelios Petsas, met yesterday with the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr. Ieronymos, at the Holy Archdiocese of Athens to discuss the vaccination fight against the pandemic.

Discussed during their meeting was the significance of the Church’s cooperation with government and the respective agencies in the context accelerating the country’s vaccination programme.

It should be noted that last Thursday, the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis had invited the Archbishop to secure his ‘blessings’ and asked the Church for its assistance in persuading those that still hesitate to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“We hope the high temperatures will help to further limit the spread of the virus. As you are aware, we are doing well and have substantially reduced the number of cases while speeding up the vaccinations,” Mitsotakis had said.

On his part, Archbishop Ieronymos responded that the Church believes that in overcoming this great challenge, the collaboration of the government, the Church and science is imperative.


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