Woman tries to ‘shoot' Olympic Flame with water pistol


Japanese authorities have arrested a woman who attempted to extinguish the Tokyo Olympic flame using a water pistol.

The incident took place during the Olympic Torch relay in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan on Sunday (4/7), as reported by the local authorities.

Footage from the incident shows 53-year-old Kayoko Takahashi standing among the spectators, waiting for the runner who carried the flame. As soon as the runner approached, the woman ‘armed’ with the water pistol tried to put out the Olympic Flame shouting “No to the Olympics! We don’t want them!” before being arrested by security.

It is worth noting that the attempted "murder" of the Olympic Flame was  not successful, as the torch has its own internal source of fuel.


WATCH THE INCIDENT: 【東京オリンピック】聖火ランナーが銃撃【オリンピック中止】 - YouTube