27-year-old Albanian stabbed to death in Mykonos gang dispute

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A 27-year-old Albanian was stabbed and died in a wild clash with his compatriots.

According to police sources, at 23:00 in ​​Agios Fanourios, two groups of Albanians got involved in a brawl.

Allegedly the brawl was over a financial dispute.

Police said there was about 15 people between the two groups.

These groups had reportedly arranged to meet via their mobile phones.

During the incident, a person fatally stabbed a member of the opposing group.

Police were notified to go to the spot, however, according to official information, they arrived after the death of the 27-year-old.

So far, four people who allegedly belong to the perpetrator's group and one person from the victim's group have been brought in for questioning.

The four people are detained at the Mykonos security sub-directorate.

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