120,000 young Greeks get their 'freedom' following vaccination


An estimated 120,000 young Greeks between 18-25 have already applied for the government's 150 euro Freedom Pass which is granted to persons that have received their first vaccine dose.

"Yesterday the platform for #FreedomPass was opened and already 120,000 young people 18-25 who have been vaccinated, have completed their application", Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasizes in a post on social networks and addresses a new call to young people, noting "become part of it too, great national effort to protect public health.

"Book your appointment here: https://emvolio.gov.gr/ ".

Regarding the government’s initiative to offer a prepaid 150-euro card from the first dose of the vaccination, the Greek government has noted that sometimes speed is important when you give an incentive adding that “we have trust in the young and we know that those that will chose to get the first dose will also do the second."


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