“Terrible idea” – Kyrgios responds to Tsitsipas coaching rule change suggestion

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"Terrible idea" - Kyrgios responds to Tsitsipas rule change suggestion
Nick Kyrgios has branded the proposal by Stefanos Tsitsipas that a major coaching rule change should be made a “terrible idea”.

World number four Tsitsipas thinks players should be able to receive coaching “on every point” during matches. On-court coaching is not allowed on the ATP Tour and at Grand Slams.

At WTA Tour events, players are allowed to request on-court coaching once per set, while coaching from the stands was also trialed in 2020.

After Tsitsipas expressed his opinion on Twitter, Kyrgios reacted to a Tennis TV post featuring some of the 22-year-old’s quotes on Instagram.

“I usually don’t mind his (Tsitsipas’) ideas, but this one is terrible,” the Australian commented – before the Greek replied: “I’ll get you a coach, don’t worry about that.”

World number 56 Kyrgios then responded: “Seemed to have done fine without one against you my guy haha, but the beauty of tennis is to go out there alone.

“Some people choose not to have a coach, some people can’t afford a coach. On the tennis court it’s a level playing field. I think it’s the beauty of the sport.”

Tsitsipas accepted the point, but continued to make his case – saying: “True. I get your point but let me remind you that the majority of tennis coaches are actually coaching on court, despite the rules.

“Why should there be a punishment or a penalty rule for a coach that feels the need to talk or give advice?”


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