Dramatic Warning: Drought and desertification threatens 40% of Greece

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Dramatic warning from the Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Christos Zerefos, about climate change and its effects on Greece, like drought and desertification.

On speaking about the heat wave that is affecting Greece, Zerefos noted on ANT1 that the issue of climate change has been known by experts for 40 years, but "we are surprised by the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events."

Zerefos for heat on ANT1: Drought and desertification threaten 40% of Greece (video)

The prolonged heat brings drought and desertification, he warned, stating that these pose a 40% threat to Greece and can lead to fires at even at an altitude of 1,000 metres.

Regarding the heat wave, he asked for special attention for today and tomorrow, when the conditions will be extremely dangerous in terms of the risk of fires.

He estimated that from Tuesday conditions will be better.

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