Coast Guard evacuates residents of Rovies as fire reaches the sea

Rovies Evia

The Coast Guard evacuated residents and tourists of the coastal town of Rovies in Evia, who were asked to meet at the beach on Wednesday afternoon as a fire front is fast approaching the area from the north.

The blaze is spreading fast, burning through a pine forest with flames reaching 20 meters, police reported.

Flames have reached the road from the coastal town of Limni to Rovies, and police banned traffic there.


Assisting in the evacuation are two Coast Guard vessels and nearby private boats. According to preliminary information, all residents and visitors are in good health.


Meanwhile, authorities have had to evacuate the residents of more than 10 settlements and villages to safety since Tuesday.


Among them those of Retsinolakko, Kalamoudi, Chronia, Sipiada, Kourkouli, Skepasti, Damia, Koulouros, Marouli, Rovies and Paleochori.





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