MADE IN GREECE: Optimism grows as exports continue to increase


Greek exports rose sharply by 31.5% in June, maintaining the upward momentum they developed after the lifting of restrictive measures and the gradual return of the world economy to normalcy according to the Panhellenic Exporters' Association (PES).

According to the PES, the data indicates that the upward trend will continue in the coming months, despite the problems that the pandemic continues to cause in the global supply chain and the intense inflationary pressures recorded in recent months.

At the same time, the source of concern is still the trade deficit, which for another month increased by 37.5%.

All sectors without exception played a catalytic role in the very important recovery of Greek exports. More specifically, the most significant percentage increase in June 2021 is recorded in Petroleum and Fuels (+ 74.6%), Industrial (+ 31%), Food (+ 10.2%), Chemical (+21.9%) ), in the Machinery (+18.1) and in the Various Industrial (+ 20.4%) that stood out with their performance.