Aeschylus Festival events in Elefsina rescheduled

Aeschylus Festival

The city of Elefsina (modern Eleusis) postponed the opening concert for the 2021 Aeschylus Festival, in solidarity with its neighboring township, Mandra-Idilia, where a fire that broke out on Monday was placed under partial control as of Thursday.

In a statement on Friday, Elefsina city officials said that the festival with Fotini Darra and Giorgos Papachristoudis is rescheduled for Wednesday, August 25. The free passes will be still usable on that date.

The concert of Sokratis Malamas scheduled for August 23 will also be rescheduled.

An exhibit of outdoor art, "Behind the Theater" by Andreas Lolis, will open to the public on August 25.

The show is part of the 2023 Elevsis European Capital of Culture events.

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