Durant, Harden still working out at gym on their Mykonos vacation

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Kevin Durant and James Harden went to great lengths to get  practice session at Mykonos

The Brooklyn Nets superstars are on vacation at the Greek island, famous for attracting A grade celebrities among many tourists every summer. 

This year’s visit was not the first for Durant nor Harden but was paired with a practice at the home court of the local team, as reported by Mykonos Post.

Their manager submitted a request to facility officials to open the gym for Durant and Harden to practice together.

The gym was closed, but both were granted entrance and indeed worked out remaining in touch with basketball during their pleasurable vacations at Mykonos.

This gave the pair an excellent opportunity to stay in shape as the Nets preseason is closing in fast. 

Durant and Harden accompanied by Mayor Konstantinos Koukas and AE Mykonos team president Alexandros Koukas. 

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