"I will not get vaccinated so that creatures with 3 ears and 5 eyes are not born" says son of former Turkish Prime Minister


Fatih Erbakan, son of former Turkish Islamist Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, a fanatical anti-vaxxer has declared that he refuses vaccination for fear of giving birth to offspring with "with 3 ears and 5 eyes".

Erbakan who is also active in politics as chairman of the "Prosperity Party Again" party, made the comments on his social media account, sparking headlines and wide-spread coverage in Turkish media.

Meanwhile his comments have sparked all manner of comments on social media.


"I am not vaccinated," said Fatih Erbakan.

"And I do not even think of getting vaccinated. mRNA means intervention in the nucleus of the human cell. You can cause those people to give birth to half human and half ape.

"Beings can be born with three ears and five eyes." he said.

It is noted that Erbakan aspires to become… a caliph in the political landscape as he does not hidden his ambition in claiming Erdogan's position in the next presidential elections in Turkey.

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