Greek university students lead vaccination race at 73%


Greek university students are the one demographic leading the vaccination race with more than 73%  of them having been inoculated said children's infectious diseases specialist and Health Ministry coronavirus committee member Vana Papaevangelou at Thursday's regular live press briefing.

Alternate Health Minister Mina Gaga who was also present at the briefing,  pointed out that over 65% of Greece's population has been vaccinated, but she urged that "we need this percentage to reach 100% soon."

According to Gaga, the epidemiological profile of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece seems to be stabilizing downwards.

Current active infections number are at 19,000, while diagnostic test results are expected to go up every week, she pointed out. Correspondingly, some 350,000 tests were carried out every day so far this week, up from the 90,000 registered in previous days.

Infections among younger children and teenagers are also expected to register higher numbers soon, with schools having reopened on Monday.

Most importantly, the Alternate Health Minister said that it was imperative that older people be inoculated as soon as possible, as they run an infection risk 10 times higher  than any other age group.