106-year-old Yiayia Paressa: Pontian food, ouzo and good sleep are the secrets to a long life

Yiayia Paressa

There are many tips all over the world to unlock the secret of living a long life, but for 106-year-old Yiayia Paressa from Serres in northern Greece, her advice is simple: Pontian food, nuts, wine, ouzo, good sleep and no stress.

In the video, the Yiayia Paressa also sings a traditional Pontian song that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Greece is no stranger to long-livers, with the islands of Crete and Ikaria particularly well known.

Ikaria was even named one of the healthiest places on earth. Here, there are more healthy people over 90 than any other place on the planet.

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