VIVIA LA FETA! Largest travel show starts filming on Greek island of Sifnos


One of the largest travel productions in Europe will be filmed on the Greek island of Sifnos reports Greek media.

The show will be called "Viva la feta!" and will be broadcast in the winter by the popular Belgian channel "Play7", in a high-viewing zone with millions of viewers, at the most appropriate time when the bookings of 2022 begin.

Through 8 episodes that will be filmed in Sifnos, the presenters will try to show through the island's authenticity, how the simple things in life are ultimately the most essential.

"This year Sifnos proved its resilience as a travel destination, with arrivals for July and August approaching 96% of the corresponding period for 2019. Through the show and the excellent cooperation with EOT Netherlands, it will be presented in an original way as a message to millions of potential Belgian travelers about the deeper contribution of Sifnos and Greece in general to the internal renewal of travelers, with "protagonists" activities, architecture, pottery, history, traditions, gastronomy and the natural beauty of the destination," said the mayor of Sifnos Maria Nadali.