Intense "Ballos" weather system to reach Greece on Wednesday night

storm rain clouds greek flag Ballos

A low-pressure system that is approaching Greece from the west is forecast to bring the severe weather front that meteorologists have named "Ballos", which is expected to affect the country from Wednesday night and continue into Thursday and Friday.

According to a forecast from the Athens National Observatory's weather service METEO, Ballos is expected to bring heavy rain and storms that will initially affect the Ionian islands and the west before spreading to Thessaly, mainland Greece and the rest of the country.

Ballos may include hail on the islands and coastal regions and snow at high altitudes, gale-force winds at sea reaching up to 8 or 9 Beaufort on Friday, with strong gusts accompanying the storms.

Temperatures are forecast to drop significantly, especially on the mainland.

The climate crisis and civil protection ministry has advised residents in the areas expected to be badly affected to exercise great caution and avoid unnecessary travel, to securely fasten doors and windows and be ready to move to higher parts of the house in the case of flash flooding and torrents.

In areas that have flooded before, it has advised against remaining in basement or underground areas and warned that people must not attempt to cross flooded roads or streams and torrents, either on foot or in a vehicle, for any reason.

Authorities also advise the securing of loose objects that may be washed or blown away and cause either damage or injury, as well as ensuring that drains and guttering are not blocked and are working properly.

People are also advised to take cover immediately in the case of hail and to protect animals, if possible, and to avoid passing under big trees, signs and places where objects may fall from above.

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