Vitriol attacker: "I sincerely apologise to Ioanna," says Efi Kakaranzoula

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The lawyer of vitriol attacker Efi Kakaranzoula asked for the conversion of the attempted murder charge to severe bodily harm, Proto Thema reported.

Her lawyer, Sakis Kehagioglou stated: "I am absolutely sure that the accused will be completely free from any factor in the trial to answer freely and to fully observe the procedure.

"The court is currently in a conference to decide on the issue of summoning witnesses requested by the civil suit."

After the court finished, vitriol victim Ioanna Paliospirou approached the accused and said: "Will you tell the truth now? Should I sit down to listen or leave?"

The guards immediately transferred the accused to another place to prevent tensions.

The arrival of Efi Kakaranzoula in court:

Ioanna's arrival to court:

At the beginning of her testimony, the accused apologised to Ioanna.

She said: "I apologised to Ioanna through my testimony. Today I repeat my apology to Ioanna and her family, sincere from the bottom of my soul, but also from my family because I brought them great shame with my act."

At this point, the victim's brother was heard saying "new" from the audience.

Meanwhile, the district attorney asked for the rejection of the civil suit request for the summoning of two witnesses who allegedly had contact with the accused before and after the attack.

In his statement in court, the prosecutor stated: "The facts of the case are well established. What the court is investigating is the rendering of the correct legal characterisation.

"For this reason, witnesses do not need to come and tell the facts. If they came, there was no way they could testify against them. Self-incrimination has never existed.

"Consider if they have helped the accused and they come here and admit it. This will never happen.

"Thirdly, if they are called as witnesses and testify and then the court sends the case to the prosecutor's office for further investigation, it creates absolute invalidity.

"It is right for the court, if it considers that there is evidence of assistance in the attack, to forward it to the prosecutor's office."

The 37-year-old victim endured a horrible attack in May 2020 at the hands of Efi.

Ioanna Paliospirou

So far, Ioanna has undergone nine surgeries, and suffers from indescribable physical and psychological pain from the vitriol attack.

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