THESSALONIKI: History cannot be changed, time to unite under the common vision of Macedonia says Governor

μακεδονια ελλαδα

"It is time to unite under the common vision of Macedonia," said the Governor of Central Macedonia Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas on the occasion of the events for the anniversary of the Macedonian Struggle, which took place yesterday in Thessaloniki.

"History does not change. No manner of political expediency can challenge our glorious history, with the heroes who gave their lives for freedom and Macedonia. Just as no obstacle is insurmountable, when we are united and walk into the future with confidence.
So it's time to look beyond the obstacles. Let 's slowly leave behind the era of insecurity, "  said the Governor in his speech, and later laid a wreath at the statue of Pavlos Melas and the heroes of the Macedonian Struggle.

Referring to the importance of the Macedonian Struggle, the governor noted:

"Unfortunately, Macedonia was not liberated with the revolution of 1821. And this is not because the Macedonians did not fight, on the contrary, the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors remained in history, not only in 1821, but also in 1854 and 1878 "and added:" the Macedonian Struggle was the most important, the most decisive link in the chain of uprisings for the liberation of Macedonia. And today, it is one of the most glorious, the most brilliant pages of the course of modern Greek history ".