2018 Mati devastation: Former fire chief to face charges

Mati fire 2018

An Athens prosecutor on Monday filed misdemeanor charges against the former Fire Brigade chief who oversaw the emergency operations during the fatal fires at Mati in Attica in 2018.

First Instance Court Prosecutor Nikos Antonarakos is charging Vassilis Matheopoulos with breach of duty and attempted unlawful violence, the latter stemming from allegedly ordering a court-assigned disaster expert, Dimitris Liotsios, to ignore incriminating facts.

Liotsios, who had been assigned by a court of first instance prosecutor to investigate the causes of the Mati fire, sued Matheopoulos.

The claims in the suit were used by the prosecutor for the charges against Matheopoulos.

Overall, prosecutors have proposed that 27 people stand trial on the fire, which killed 102 people.

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