Omonia Square fountain illuminated in blue and white

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Omonia Square fountain illuminated in blue and white for the second year in a row by the Mayor of Athens.

The Municipality of Athens illuminated the Omonia Square fountain in blue and white to commemorate 28 October 1940, OXI Day.

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, posted a photo and a video on his social media of the illuminated fountain.

Η καρδιά της Αθήνας στα χρώματα της Ελλάδας! 🇬🇷

The heart of Athens in the colours of Greece!

It is recalled the redesigned Omonia Square, with its signature fountain, was unveiled to Athenians last year

One of the largest water fountains in Europe in terms of water volume, the 30-meter-wide fountain shoots water 20 meters high. It has a total of 188 water jets and 177 underwater headlights.

Omonia has undergone various transformations throughout the years. The Square was constructed in 1846 and its original name was Plateia Anaktoron (Palace Square). It was given its final name of Ομόνοια in 1862 because it was the site were leaders of the opposing political factions gave the oath of peace.


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