Greek swimmer Andreas Vazaios is now the four-time European Champion

Greek swimmer Andreas Vazaios is now the four-time European Champion 1

Greek swimmers Andreas Vazaios and Anna Doutounaki dominated at the European Short Course Swimming Championships, both securing medals.

Andreas Vazaios won the silver medal in the 100 metres Mixed Individual with 51.72 and Anna Doutounaki the bronze in the 50m. butterfly with a national record of 25.09.

200m individual medley, men
Andreas Vazaios is now the four-time European Champion and triple best in the 200m individual medley. Interestingly, Andreas passed first 50 meters of the final race in Kazan under his full potential and was the sixth. Progressively he managed to catch up with the opponents and made a breakthrough then.

“It’s just incredible. I came to Kazan for this medal. I really wanted to win like my icon László Cseh did. Now I want to complete this tough year with a successful performance at the World Championships,” Vazaios commented.

“I haven’t swam this distance for two years, so I was very happy to set the country’s record and make my own time better for a second,” said silver medallist Thomas Ceccon from Italy.

“I’m content with the medal but not with the way I swam. I could have swum these 200m much better,” said the Italian Razzetti after winning a bronze medal.

1. Andreas Vazaios, Greece – 1:51.70
2. Thomas Ceccon, Italy – 1:52.49
3. Alberto Razzetti, Italy – 1:52.75

100m butterfly, women

In 100m race butterfly, Sarah Sjoestroem won by a landslide, who along with Toussaint have already claimed three golds in individual races in Kazan. After 50 metres, she was ahead of Doutounaki just 0.01 seconds, but the Swede spurted into the lead through the second half of the distance and grabbed gold.

“It’s always nice to top the 100m butterfly. I lost a little at the turn, but I confidently finished the distance,” Sarah Sjoestroem told.

“I can’t get used to winning the medals. However, I’m getting used to being among the best swimmers in Europe. I wanted to get a medal and show a good time. Both came off,” Anna Doutounaki noted.
The event was held between 2-7 November 2021, Kazan, Russia.


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