Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presents reconstruction plans for Evia following destruction from fires


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday presented the third phase of reconstructions plans for North Evia, which suffered extensive physical and economic destruction in the wildfires of August 2020.


The presentation took place at Maximos Mansion with the head of the reconstruction committee Stavros Benos presenting  outlines of the 14 studies related to the comprehensive plan for the region.

Benos said the cost for the studies will be assumed entirely by the private sector and will be ready by September 2022. The projects themselves will be largely supported by NSRF funding.

The 14 studies will focus on major sectors of Evia including the reconstruction of forests, infrastructure, cultural development, agricultural production, social networks, tourism, and demographics, among others. They will also include city planning studies particularly for the municipalities of Istiea-Edipsos and Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna.

Mitsotakis said the plan "will comprise a model for a new way to see holistic development," and will give hope to people who want to remain in their native land as well as offer a better future for their children.

The meeting was attended by ministers and local officials, representatives of hoteliers and business chambers, as well as of foundations and private businesses that will be involved in the funding of the studies.