Two siblings who killed three dogs in Xiromero are arrested


Two siblings from the Strongylovouni-Pigadia community of Xiromero in Etoloakarnania will be brought to justice as they killed three dogs one after the other because they tried to attack the herd they keep.

The 70-year-old man and his 80-year-old sibling saw the three half-bred hunting dogs, who had apparently been abandoned by some hunters, trying to kill one of their animals.

Using a shotgun, they shot and killed the three animals, according to Proto Thema.

The perpetrators were arrested on Saturday afternoon by police officers of the Xiromeros department and a case was filed against them for violating laws on the protection of pets.

They were also charged with violating weapons laws as they illegally possessed the shotgun.

At the same time, they were fined heavily for killing the animals.

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