Switzerland flooded with 5th wave of Covid-19 but does not impose new measures


Switzerland is facing a 5th wave of Covid-19 but has decided not impose new measures even though the daily infections quadrupled in one month and reached their highest level for 2021 announced the Swiss Federal Councilor for Health yesterday during a press briefing.

"We are clearly facing the fifth wave," admitted Federal Councilor Alain Berset.

The outcome of the pandemic "will depend on our collective behavior ", he warned, "but hoped that developments could be managed by existing measures."

Berset, who has been leading the fight against Covid-19 in Switzerland for the last two years, made the comments as his country goes to the polls on November 28 to vote on a Covid law which would give authorities more flexibility in their battle against the pandemic.

Although the proposed Covid law is expected to be passed by a fairly large majority according to opinion polls, thousands of people continue to march every week to denounce vaccination and compulsory health care, despite the fact that a large part of society and the economy has already re-opened.