Roma minors attack and vandalise school for disabled students (PHOTOS)

Roma school attack

A group of Roma minors on Thursday morning entered the newly built 1st Special High School of Ano Liosia, which is going to open very soon, after pushing and hitting the private guard and then started vandalising a building for no reason.

Dozens of large stones began to be thrown at lamps and windows, causing material damage.

Meanwhile, the guard fled in fear for his life, notifying both the company he works for and the police.

The private security company sent an immediate intervention patrol within eight minutes after the first notification from the security guard.

The vehicle, however, was also attacked with stones by Roma minors.

Impressive is the fact that the police, although notified three times, never arrived at the school.

In the recent past, Roma minors had invaded the school again and removed the pool equipment intended for students with disabilities.

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