George Kambosos Jr lightweight world title fight now on


Australian boxing biggest fight involving an Australian this year is about to begin in about an hour.

Greek Australian Kambosos is paying upwards of $7 to win, it's the perfect time to fight Lopez according to promoter Eddie Hearn.

"Don't be fooled by Kambosos," he told DAZN. "We saw this against Lee Selby. He came over in the press conference, 'I'm going to take him out, I'm going to knock him out in the first three rounds' and he boxed quite a smart fight.

"He actually surprised me in that fight how he wasn't as aggressive as he said he would be. I don't think he will be aggressive against Teofimo.

"I think it would be a bad move to do it. He's got fast hands and good feet as well. I think he needs to be smart in there especially in the early rounds of the fight because I do think Lopez struggled at the weight.

"I do think he thinks he can walk through Kambosos. And I think early on he will be aggressive.

"But if Kambosos can stay smart, stay in the fight, I think Teofimo with everything that's gone on, with the recent birth of his child just a couple of days ago with the stop start nature of this build-up, I think that's Kambosos' best chance is to take him deep and frustrate him."

Speaking in the lead up to the fight, Lopez told DAZN that he was working on fighting southpaw for the fight, which would be a dramatic change of style for the Brooklyn native.

You can sign up to watch the fight through DAZN here.