Famous Greek actor to stand trial for rape

Rape suspect Dimitris Lignadis prepares his defence from prison

A well-known actor and former director of the National Theater will stand trial on charges of raping four juvenile males, a criminal court ruled Friday.

Dimitris Lignadis, who was arrested last February, to stand trial before a mixed jury court. The court also decided he should remain in custody pending trial after accepting the prosecution’s arguments that it should reject his claim that he was being framed for artistic and political reasons.

The prosecution said he should remain in jail because, it insisted, he carries a high risk of reoffending, as he is “a dangerous person with addictions.”

“There are serious indications of guilt for the act of serial rape attributed to him,” the prosecution said. He is currently being held at a prison in Tripoli, southern Greece.

His alleged victims include minors aged 17 and 14 at the time of the incidents. A date for the trial will be set in the next few days.