Greek Anti-vaxxers ‘citizen arrest’ school headmaster over Covid measures

Police car Greece Greek Pakistani Athens Thessaloniki

A group of anti-vaxxers barged into a high school in central Macedonia, grabbed the school principal, handcuffed him and dragged him to the local police station claiming they had “citizen arrested” him for enforcing measures against Covid-19.

As soon as they arrived at the police station, the attackers were arrested and sent to the police’s security division of Katerini, while the school principal was released. 

“We have reached a level of perfect absurdity. People breaking the law are arresting a Greek citizen and bringing him to the police,” Anastasios Manolas, a local mayor, told Skai. 

He said the school principal resisted his “arrest” and suffered bruises on his hands. 

The attackers are believed to be members of a fringe group calling themselves Guardians of the Constitution, who have created several groups on Facebook to circulate antivaxxer content and videos with nationalist rhetoric.