Greek inflation rate jumps to 4.8% in November

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The Greek annual inflation rate jumped to 4.8% in November from 3.4% in October and after a -2.1% reading in November 2020, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Friday.

Energy products soared in the last 12 months, with natural gas prices up 180.9%, heating oil up 45.2%, electricity up 37.8% and fuel up 24.9%.

At the same time, price increases were recorded in several goods included in the so-called household basket, such as lamb (21.3%), olive oil (18.5%), potatoes (11.9%), fresh fish (9.8%), bread (4.3%), coffee (3.9%) and cheese (3.5%).

Price increases were recorded in natural gas (31.7%), electricity (15.9%), fresh fruit (3.5%), potatoes (3.2%), lamb (2.9%), pork (2.1%), bakery products (2.1%), cheese (2.1%), vegetables (1.7%), fuel/lubricants (1.6%), new cars (1.3%), poultry (1.2%) and fresh fish (1.1%).

The statistics service said the increase in the consumer price index in November reflected increases in: food/beverages (3.5%), clothing/footwear (3.9%), housing (17.7%), durable goods (2.3%), transport (9.3%), education (0.3%) and hospitality (1.3%).

On the other hand, the consumer price index fell 0.1% in alcohol/tobacco, 0.1% in health, 2.7% in communications, 0.3% in entertainment and 0.7% in other goods and services.

The consumer price index rose 0.5% in November from October 2021, after a 0.9% decline recorded in the same period last year.

Greece's harmonised inflation rate was 4.0% in November, from 2.8% in October and -2.1% in November 2020.

On a monthly basis, the harmonised index was up 0.3% in November from October 2021.

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