Journalist George Tragas has died

The journalist and publisher George Tragas, who was being treated for COVID19 at Evangelismos Hospital, died today, Tuesday, around 00:19.

The well-known journalist was hospitalized in his ICU of “Sotiria” hospital, to which he had been admitted, when his state of health deteriorated.
It is noted that George Tragas was not vaccinated against coronavirus and was initially admitted to “Sotiria” due to symptoms of Covid-19 showing image of pneumonia and on Wednesday, oxygen delivery began, either through the high flow oxygen therapy device or through the bipap device.

Bipaps are those that deliver oxygen under high pressure.

However, on Thursday night – according to the representative of the party “Free People” – Mr. Tragas suffered an acute heart attack (heart attack) and it was deemed necessary to place stents.

He was transferred to the University Cardiology Clinic of “Sotiria”, where in the Hemodynamic Laboratory the stents for the intellect of the blocked arteries were successfully placed.

From the early hours of Friday, she was hospitalized again in the ICU Covid of the hospital as she remained hemodynamically unstable due to severe coronary heart disease, with the medical team of the Unit describing its clinical picture as “very serious”.

Who was George Tragas?

He was born on July 30, 1949, in Metaxourgeio. His father worked as a gynecologist. She started writing articles locally at an early age and worked for Images magazine Eleni Vlachou, while continuing to work on its sports pages Meridian covering football matches. A key milestone in his career was the newspaper Vradyni, in which he worked for a number of years. He was also a police reporter for a number of years, before engaging in political reporting. In addition to journalists, he was also a publisher of publications in the press “Country”, “Crash” and “Independence”.
On television, he presented the shows on the old SKAI (now Alpha) Without Anesthetic and Viva, which was transferred to ANT1, to the new SKAI Sniper and other shows. He has also appeared in major newscasts on various television stations (mainly Alter, Extra Channel, Action 24, New Epsilon TV and the old Epsilon TV (now Open Beyond)) as a political commentator.
On the radio he maintained a show on self-managed Greece 94.3 while at the same time he set up, together with the Crash magazine he published, the internet station Crash Radio. He used to have a show on Parapolitika 90.1 FM and for seven years, on Real FM 97.8. His show on Crash Radio was also televised through the regional station Dion TV in Central Macedonia, while previously, the same show was broadcast on Euro TV (also in Central Macedonia), while it was also broadcast on other regional channels in Central Macedonia. on Vergina TV and Neo Epsilon, Thessaloniki.