Irina Karamanos: The new Greek "First Lady" of Chile

Gabriel Boric Irina Karamanos

The dynamic woman of Greek descent, Irina Karamanos, is on the side of Gabriel Boric, the winner of the presidential election in Chile.

She allegedly warned before her boyfriend was elected that she finds the role of "First Lady" obsolete as "times have changed."

According to the Chilean media, the 35-year-old new president of the country has been in a relationship with Irina Karamanos for about two and a half years.

However, she made her appearance on the political scene only a few weeks ago, when she went on stage with Boric on the night he managed to pass to the second round of the crucial election.

Until that moment, writes La Nación, the left-wing politician called Karamanos a "comrade".

Now he calls her by her name: Irina.

"Low-key and reserved, Irina Karamanos has a private Instagram account and is ashamed when asked about Boric," wrote La Nación.

"Some believe that the feminist and women's rights activist has recently stepped up public appearances with him in the run-up to the polls, in a bid to attract more traditional voters who want to see a candidate accompanied by a woman.

"But there is a detail that dispels the conservative illusion: Karamanos announced that she can resign from the role of First Lady in case of election of her partner, something that finally happened with a bigger difference than expected.

"I think that is a role that we have to rethink, because we live in different times and much has changed.

"'We have to rethink the power and relationships that emerge from it,' she said last week on a TV show."

According to the newspaper, this position of Karamanos echoes the views of Boric himself, who had previously stressed that the role of "First Lady" does not make sense.

He said that "there should be no positions in the state that stem from relations of the President with other persons or are connected with them."


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Boric had stressed that his goal if elected would be a state of transparency, where one could gain a position of power because of his worth and not because of blood ties or friendly relations with the president.


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The charming Karamanos is 32 years old and her profile has nothing to do with the traditional image of a comrade president.

The young woman rarely accompanies her partner to social events, she does not like to talk about her personal life and she finds the role of the First Lady obsolete.

She has studied anthropology and social sciences, and speaks four languages: Spanish, Greek (her father is Greek), English and German.

Gabriel Boric, who prevailed with a program announcing the social and fiscal transformation of the country, promised last Sunday night in his epic speech "more social rights" and promised the new government he will form will be "financially responsible".

"There will be more social rights, but we will do it while remaining financially responsible," said the 35-year-old new president, addressing a crowd of tens of thousands of supporters who went to hear him after his second-round victory over Far-right candidate José Antonio Kast.

He will take power on March 11.

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