Hellenic-era Statue found in Veria, Greece

Headless statue veria

An unfinished Hellenic-era statue made of marble was unearthed in an excavation in Veria close to the archaeological site of St. Patapios

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The headless statue is three-fifths life-size and it is not known who the actual person is although traditionally the only unclothed figures in Greek statuary are of gods or athletes.

The discovery was made as a result of excavation under the guidance of the Ephorate of Antiquities and was excavated on Friday, December 17.

The statue dates back to imperial times, when Veria, as the seat of the Macedonian Commonwealth, was the first city of Macedonia. It served as the centre of political and cultural developments in the region and at the same time was an axis of cohesion and a point of reference for all ancient Macedonian traditions.