Anti-vaxxer priest dies of COVID-19 in Thessaloniki

priest Dionysios Skarkalas

Parishioners of the Holy Church of Agios Theodoros in Sykies, Thessaloniki, were saddened after hearing the news of the death of the anti-vaccination priest, Father Dionysios Skarkalas.

His death was attributed to COVID-19.


According to Radio Thessaloniki, the unfortunate Father had contracted COVID-19, but could not survive the battle against the virus.

At the same time, another priest from the same church is fighting to survive and has been intubated for 20 days in the ICU.

As it turned out, both were not only unvaccinated, but also deniers that do not hesitate to convey their views to the faithful.

The third parish priest, who is also not vaccinated, has not been ill so far.

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