SYMI: The most beautiful restaurant in the world is Greek

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The most beautiful restaurant in the world is Greek and is located on the island of Symi, according to travel website

"The best restaurants in the world have nice views, but these places offer so much more," says the magazine in its tribute to the most beautiful restaurants, citing "travellers from all over the world."

Leading the top ten list of the world's most beautiful restaurants is "The Secret Garden" on the Greek island of Symi, which according to the publication, offers authentic Greek food to travellers as well as an atmosphere of calm.

1. The Secret Garden, Symi, GREECE
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9. Koral Restaurant, Bali, INDONESIA



8. The Grand Getaway, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA




7.  Mandhoo Spa Restaurant, MALDIVES


6. SHAMSHA, Valencia, SPAIN


5. Craft English Garden, Birmingham, UK




4. The Grotto, Krabi, THAILAND

3. Eden, Alberta, CANADA

2. Grotto Tavern, MALTA