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The best diet is the Mediterranean

The best diet for 2021 is the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet — rich in healthy fats, fish, whole grains, and produce, and low in processed foods and red meat — was named the overall best diet for 2021 by US…


Spinach dolmades drizzled with avgolemono

Traditionally made with vine leaves, this dolmades recipe substitutes the vine leaves with spinach leaves, filling them with mince and rice, drizzling the entire dish with a tasty avgolemono (egg lemon sauce).

Greek islands

Six Superb Greek Islands for Foodies 2021

Greek islands offer the finest local delicacies and this is an article for those who look to be taken away by both natural beauty and local gastronomy. This gastronomical journey of six Greek islands, notorious for their local cuisine and the most popular dishes and spots is sure to satisfy your appetite for Greece.

Taste Greece New Zealand

Taste Greece in New Zealand

Originally from Athens, Ioannis and Emily Montes moved to New Zealand in 2010. After years of hard work, they have managed to establish Taste Greece – the only specialised Greek product importer in New Zealand – and have also opened a retail store Little Greece.


Traditional Greek Pastitsio recipe: the ultimate comfort food

 Traditional Greek pastitsio (παστίτσιο, pastítsio) is an authentic Greek Lasagne – a baked dish that combines layers of pasta, ground meat and velvety béchamel sauce to create the ultimate comfort food. Try our easy to follow Greek Pastitsio recipe to easily recreate this traditional culinary delight, just like your Yiayia used to make.

'The Athenian' has been named the best restaurant in the UK

‘The Athenian’ named the best restaurant in the UK

‘The Athenian’ has been named the best restaurant in the UK at the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards held on Monday evening. The awards which were presented virtually, also saw Patty & Bun pick…



  The most simple accompaniment to these fritters is a big squeeze of lemon and a chilled glass of rose wine – preferably Greek of course. However, if you have a bit…

Alpha POP

Pop off 2020 at Alpha POP on NYE

Join Alpha POP on New Year’s Eve to pop off 2020 at Sydney’s prime waterfront location with live DJ and spectacular views of the fireworks, Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Manly welcomes 'Kazzi Beach Greek'

Manly welcomes ‘Kazzi Beach Greek’

Attention Sydneysiders: Manly’s newest Greek cafe and eatery, Kazzi Beach Greek, is now open. It is also the first restaurant at Manly’s North Steyne Beach to offer outdoor dining, thanks to approval…

Homemade Gigantes Plaki recipe 5

Homemade Gigantes Plaki recipe

Very tasty and super healthy, Gigantes Plaki is a classic Greek vegetarian and vegan dish that can be found in most taverns across Greece during both summer and winter. Our traditional Greek Gigantes Plaki recipe for your enjoyment with the family.

Greek saffron known as the best in the world 6

Greek saffron known as the best in the world

Cleopatra used it to infuse her bathwater, while Alexander the Great bathed his battle wounds with it and drank saffron tea. Saffron, the gold of Greek land as it is called, is considered the best quality worldwide.


Greece’s traditional day for cooking Polysporia

November 21 is traditionally a day where every Mama & Yiayia in many Greek villages are on a mission, gathering as many Polysporia (legumes) as possible – including all types of beans, corn, peas, wheat, and lentils and cook all the seeds together for a big family feast.

Study proves olive oil is the key to improving food safety 7

Study proves olive oil is the key to improving food safety

A new study concludes that olive oil is a key ingredient for improving food safety and increasing protection for both humans and livestock. Another reason why the olive oil rich Mediterranean diet is a healthy lifestyle choice to be enjoyed by all.

Dimitris Siasiaridis

Dimitris Siasiaridis: The famous chef bringing Greek delicacies to Paris

Endlessly talented, Dimitris Siasiaridis is a chef, ballet dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, musician, restaurant owner, co-founder of catering company ‘Dimitris’, member of Greek French innovation network MAZIINOV, artistic director of Greek dance company in France ‘Parthenon Académie de Danses’ and co-owns the first pop corn store in Paris ‘Yummy POP’ with actress Scarlett Johannson. Through his professional activities and hobbies, every day Dimitris continues to promote Greek food, music, culture, way of life and the Greek spirit.


Exploring beautiful Nafplio in Autumn

Named Greece’s prettiest and most romantic town, Nafplio is just two hours from Athens. A perfect destination for all seasons, but this magical town is in particular an ideal Autumn getaway because unlike many Aegean islands, which usually begin hibernating at the end of October, Nafplio is still buzzing in the cooler months.


Famous Greek chicken gyros recipe

Some may not be able to visit Greece at the moment due to travel restrictions, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring Greece into to your home and onto your taste buds with our recipe for the best homemade chicken gyros.