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Chicken with hilopites (Greek pasta) 1

Chicken with hilopites (Greek pasta)

Κοτόπουλο με χυλοπίτες (chicken with hilopites) is a deliciously rustic dish originating in the Peloponnese region, where most hilopites (Greek pasta) is handmade and mizithra (hard goats cheese) is very popular. We pull this old favourite Greek City Times recipe from the archives so that you can enjoy this perfect weekend dish.


Famous Greek chicken gyros recipe

Some may not be able to visit Greece at the moment due to travel restrictions, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring Greece into to your home and onto your taste buds with our recipe for the best homemade chicken gyros.

Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food

Mary’s Kouzina – Preserving Traditional Greek Cooking

Mary Politis is the woman behind the popular food blog Mary’s Kouzina. Uploading recipes daily, Mary teaches people how to make traditional Greek style food inspired by her mother and grandmother and taking us back to flavours from yiayias kitchen or our favourite Greek island.

Zagori Lakes of Drakolimni

Discovering Zagori: a mountainous expanse of stunning beauty

Greece is a world of hidden gems, one of which is Zagori – a mountainous expanse of stunning beauty in the Pindus mountain range and a must see destination for lovers of nature, trekking and authentic Greek culture.

Bourekia Me Kima- Mince Filled Pastries

Bourekia Me Kima- Mince Filled Pastries Recipe

Bourekia me kima are baked pastries made with flaky phyllo and filled with minced meat, onions and spices. They are crunchy, delicious and a perfect appetizer option. Ingredients: 1 onion, finely chopped…


Loukoumades: Greek Honey Puffs Recipe

They’re hot, fluffy and crisp, usually drizzled with honey and cinnamon or chopped walnuts, while in a more modern rendition they’re dipped in luscious melty chocolate. The ping pong-ball size mouthfuls are…

Kolokythakia Tiganita- Zucchini Chips Recipe 4

Kolokythakia Tiganita- Zucchini Chips Recipe

Kolokythakia Tiganita (in Greek: κολοκυθάκια τηγανητά)- fried zucchini chips are delicious as a starter, side or even a snack! It doesn’t get simpler and tastier than this traditional speciality, which has become famous…


Lemonopita: Greek Lemon Phyllo Pie Recipe

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10. While celebrations may look a little different this year, families can still celebrate and convey their love and appreciation with a homemade dessert. Here’s a…

Pastitso Pie

Pastitso + Pie = Pastitso Pie!

We have all eaten many plates of pastitso in our lives, but none have tasted as truly original and delicious as this. Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and…

Rizogalo- Vikki and Helena

Rizogalo: Rice Pudding with Honey Recipe

Vikki and Helena Vikki and Helena, sassy twins born in South Australia. The girls learnt the tricks of the trade from their Greek grandmother. Growing up in a Greek family has given them…

Lentil Soup

Great Lent: A cleansing of mind, body and spirit

Great Lent can be a time to detox not only just the spirit and mind but also the body. Here are some ideas about how you can detox during the Orthodox Great Lent and beyond.


Koulourakia Paschalina Recipe

Koulourakia Paschalina are traditional Greek Easter biscuits, which are usually prepared a few days leading up to Pascha. They’re not too sweet and make an excellent biscuit to accompany your frappe, coffee,…

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

World’s first Bougatsa/Galaktoboureko hybrid Tsoureki at Alevri

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE WILL MAKE YOUR MOUTH WATER! Oh sugar! Don’t miss trying Alevri’s Tsoureki Thessaloniki’s! Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and his wife Kathy, have come up…