Georgios and Maria: What are the most popular names in Greece?

Greek baby names popular

According to a survey conducted by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the most popular male and female names in Greece are Georgios and Maria.

According to ELSTAT, around 8.3% of men in Greece are named Georgios, with the same percentile (8.3%) of women named Maria.

Ioannis (or Yiannis) is second for men at 6.5% and Eleni for women at 5.2%.

Dimitris is the third most common male name, at 6.4%.

For females it is Aikaterini/Katerina at third spot with 3.7%.

Fourth for males is Constantinos or Costas, with 6%.

For females, it is Vassiliki, at 3.2%.

Nikolaos was fifth among males, at 5.7% and Sofia at 2.3% among females.

Greek couples often choose to name their children after the grandparents, which can lead to arguments in families over whose should be given priority.

Another notable factoid is that since the spread of Christianity, Greeks gradually turned away from picking ancient Greek names, such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, although they are far from missing among the populace today.

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