Greek youth under 18 get vaccine exemption

Greek youth under 18 years of age do not have to get a booster shot, unless they suffer from reduced immunity due to medication or some illness, National Vaccination Committee Chair Maria Theodoridou said on Monday.

During her regular briefing, Theodoridou also said that children and teenagers who have contracted the coronavirus should be immunised in three months. If they have already had one dose, however, before getting sick, they do not need to get vaccinated again, she clarified.

She noted that the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children (MIS-C) that shows up 2 or 6 weeks after a young person contracts the coronavirus can be prevented with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Vaccination also prevents the appearance of diabetes, seen in children under 18 who have contracted the virus.

Among other things, she said there is no indication of an influenza pandemic right now, nor cases of a combination flu and coronavirus infection.

Speaking at the same briefing, Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said that additional vaccination centers will provide more appointments for children aged 5 to 11. These vaccines can be administered by doctors who already vaccinate ages 12 to 17, he added.

Themistocleous also said that the platform has gone live as of Monday, for those who have been vaccinated abroad and want to get registered here. They must already have a European Covid vaccination certificate or a certificate from a third country that has joined the EU system for digital certificates. Otherwise, interested parties must apply through their local Citizens Service Centers (KEP).