Focus Bari: 17% of Greeks still refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine

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The proportion of vaccinated Greeks showed a steady increase from January to October 2021, but beyond that remained stable/marginally increasing in the last three measurements, with the small increase coming mainly from old age.

At the beginning of 2022, 9% of Greeks – that is, almost one in ten – rule out getting the vaccine, while 8% are still hesitant (answering “maybe yes/maybe no”).

Overall, the percentage of those who deny or hesitate is around 17%.

This is according to the latest research by Focus Bari YouGov, which from January to the last days of December 2021, conducted eight nationwide surveys monitoring the ratio of vaccinated, positive, skeptical and negative Greeks to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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According to the results of the last survey carried out between December 21-31 in a sample of 1,002 Greeks aged 18-74:

– Slightly more than four in five Greeks (83%) have already made/have an appointment/will definitely get the vaccine.

Younger people up to the age of 44 have the highest rates of reluctance, while a steady proportion of “negatives” are found at all ages.

Most negatives (15%) and most hesitant (13%) are in the 25-34 age group, while those over 55 are 8% negative and 5% are hesitant.

– For vaccine deniers, the main reason they put forward is their refusal to do something that is forced on them (65%, ie two out of three) and their disputes about the vaccine and its effects follow with lower percentages to health.

57% of negatives believe that the vaccine is “untested/experimental”, 43% “are afraid of long-term side effects”, 29% “are afraid of immediate side effects”, 21% believe that the pandemic is “fabricated or misleading,” and 14% are exempt from vaccination.

– Negative women are a little more (9%) than men (8%), while they are also more hesitant (10% compared to 7% of men).

– The inhabitants of Thessaloniki are more negative (13%) and more hesitant (10%) in relation to the inhabitants of Athens (11% and 7% respectively).

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