Serbian embassy reveals tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has a diplomatic passport

Novaks Diplomatic passport

Novak Djokovic has a special diplomatic passport that should guarantee he is treated ‘adequately’ by Australian border officials, according to Serbian officials.

Serbia’s Australian embassy confirmed Djokovic holds both a standard and diplomatic passport that he received after contributing to his country’s 2011 Davis Cup championship win.

The passport should ensure the 34-year-old receives ‘adequate treatment’ when crossing borders around the world, the embassy said.

Australia yet to Act

If Djokovic visa is cancelled his team will immediately appeal that decision, The Age has reported.

The newspaper wrote that Djokovic’s legal team would target an expedited hearing over the weekend, as a Monday decision would pave the way for him to participate in the season-opening slam.

It claims that lawyers believe the case could be fast-tracked by minimising the length of written submissions and verbal evidence.

There is a scenario, however, where the legal fight drags on into the start of the Australian Open. It could mean Djokovic is forced to withdraw from the tournament should he be unsuccessful in his bid to appeal the second cancellation of his visa.

It would mean whoever Djokovic was due to play would therefore receive a walkover.