Heidi Klum's sexy dance in Mykonos and footage from the video clip with Snoop Dogg

Heidi Klum Snoop Dogg

Heidi Klum's new single with Snoop Dogg was released and the famous model shared with her audience on Instagram shots from the shooting of the video clip.

The German beauty has always nurtured a weakness in the music scene and "Chai Tea With Heidi" is her entry into it.


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It's essentially the title song of the 17th season of Germany's Next Top Model.

For the video clip, Heidi Klum used footage from her trip to Mykonos.

She had recently visited our country for shooting Germany's Next Top Model.

In the shots she posted on her personal Instagram account, Heidi Klum is seen dressed in a sexy silver body and high black boots dancing against the blue landscape.


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In addition, the impressive model gave a first taste to those fans who have not yet watched the video clip.

In the shot, which was shared, Heidi Klum is seen dressed in a glittering, silver bikini dancing sensually in the lens.


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Heidi Klum was in Mykonos last November for the shooting of the German Next Top Model.

The former Victoria's Secret angel walked on a special platform set up by divers on the beach in front of the beach bar Tropicana and it was a hit.

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Wearing a short black dress in a rock style that uniquely accentuated her proportions and left little to the imagination, Heidi posed and danced in front of the camera in a very sexy mood.

She proved once again that despite her age she has a body that cuts breaths without the need for photoshop or filters!

As it turns out now that sensual dance was for the video clip with Snoop Dogg!

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