Konstantinos Argyros snowboards on the streets of Kolonaki

Konstantinos Argyros snowboarded in the centre of Athens

Beloved Greek singer Konstantinos Argyros enjoyed the snow in a unique way, posting a video on his Instagram account of him snowboarding in the central Athens neighbourhood of Kolonaki.

Effectively, the popular singer turned the streets of Kolonaki into a ski slope for snowboarding.

As expected, the post garnered numerous comments and likes from fans.

Watch the video:

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Athens was dumped with snow on Monday as snowstorm Elpis took a grip over the wider Attica area and Evia.

According to Greek meteorologists, today there will be very strong weather phenomena with unprecedented heavy snowfall in areas of the country where, usually, Greece does not have similar weather phenomena.

The Hellenic Police Headquarters advises citizens, who live in Attica and especially in the northern suburbs, where there is heavy snowfall, as well as in areas throughout the territory, where extreme weather phenomena occur, to avoid unnecessary movements.

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In any case, it is reminded that information about traffic jams as well as useful tips for road safety, due to bad weather and severe weather, are available in a special banner on the website of the Greek Police.

Due to the Elpis snowstorm that affects Attica, including Athens, and the island of Evia, vaccination centres of these two prefectures stopped operating at 15:00 on Monday and will be closed all day on Tuesday.

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Health, people will be able to reschedule and carry out their vaccination immediately, as appointments are available.

The Hellenic Parliament also suspended its operation on Monday.

Public-sector staff were sent home at noon on Monday, after the interior ministry issued a circular permitting them to leave early due to the bad weather and heavy snow.

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